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Dimarco “We Always Concede!”

Dimarco - Inter Roma
Dimarco - Inter Roma

Federico Dimarco was interviewed after the loss to Roma, where he was nothing but blunt and honest on reflection of the match.

Inter are struggling at the moment and it seems that Dimarco is the only positive right now. Personally, I thought Dimarco was the best against Roma and gave us opportunities to go further in front.

See below for the comments from Dimarco.

“It is not easy to make cold statements. We have to work and try to win the next matches. We have to go back to winning because we are Inter.

“Today we created a lot and suffered little. This year as soon as the opponents attack we always concede goals and it is something we need to improve. Tonight we dominated, there was no match. They had two chances and they scored two goals.

“We are with the coach and we must continue to work together with him. Now we have to think about Barcelona.”

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Source: Inter official website