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Di Marzio: Conte expected to sign a 4-year contract

Image via Clément Bucco-Lechat

Everything looks set for Antonio Conte to be Inter’s manager as from next season as he has already found an agreement with Inter. The signature is the only thing missing because obviously Spalletti is still the coach but there is an agreement between the two parties which will be defined and formalized.  According to Di Marzio, Conte is expected to sign a 4-year contract, until 2023 and not a 3-year contract which has been assumed.

For the possible arrival of Conte, Marotta was very decisive as the managing director was the one who pushed for a managerial change, having already worked with Conte at Juventus. Marotta clearly managed to convince Suning to sack Spalletti and his staff which will cost Inter around 30 million euros and an equally exorbitant amount which will have to be paid by Inter to hire Conte and his staff.

The investment Inter will make to sack Spalletti and Conte will cost the same amount Inter would have to spend to sign a top player.