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Di Marzio: Conte edging closer to Inter job

Image via Clément Bucco-Lechat

Conte is a coach who has been linked to an Inter job multiple times and now with Marotta as Inter’s CEO who worked with Conte at Juventus, the rumours got stronger than ever.

During this week, there was a lot of confusion with different media outlets linking Conte to Roma, Inter and Juventus. In an interview that Conte took part it, although he said he loves Roma and wants to coach them one day, he denied that he will become Roma’s coach as according to him there isn’t the right conditions that he is looking for.

There were also several rumours that Juventus were going to sack Allegri and hire Conte. However, these rumours were denied by the reliable journalist Gianluca Di Marzio. According to Sky, Conte has not held any contacts with Juventus.

Instead, Conte seems to be getting closer and closer to Inter, regardless of Allegri’s future who will be having a decisive meeting with Agnelli. Inter and Conte have already had positive contacts and everything could be settled in the coming days, provided that no unexpected turn of events occurs.

Source: Di Marzio