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Derby: A Goalkeeper Game

Handanovic own goal as Inter draw 1-1 with Napoli.

In an intense and unpredicatable derby, a goalkeeper can make the difference. A superlative Maignan wins the three points for the Rossoneri and an underwhelming Handanovic loses it for Inter Milan. Here are the game Highlights.

Handanovic own goal as Inter draw 1-1 with Napoli.

What if both teams had the same goalkeeper?

In the scenario where both teams had a Handanovic, Inter would’ve won. If the underwhelming performance had worked for both sides, by the end of the first half Inter Milan would’ve probably had at least a two-goal advantage. An insecure Handanovic marked a terrible ratio; 2 out of 3 shots on goal were goals.

On the contrary, a superb Mike Maignan saved 4 out of 5 shots on goal, some of which were crucial to keep AC Milan in the game. This is without considering a game changing tackle outside of his own box, Manuel Neuer style. While it is fair to have reasonable doubt, it is also fair to believe Maignan could have saved Giroud’s second shot on goal. It is therefore believable that if both teams had a Maignan, Inter would have won the game.

There are plenty of factors that influenced the match that exclude any goalkeeper influence. Inzaghi’s subs could have been better calibrated; Perisic was slightly injured but should Chalanoglu and Lautaro have been taken out so early? Could have Dumfries done better infront of goal? While many factors influenced tonight’s result, only the difference in goalkeeping was this incisive on the result.

None of this is certainly true and all of it could be questionable. It is fair to ask ourselves: Did the Inter captain single handedly (Pun Intended) lose the game for the Nerazzurri?