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De Vrij: “We could have done better. Godin? I am unsure”

Image via Inter.it

De Vrij took to SKY SPORTS after the match to voice his thoughts on the regretful dropped points at home to Sassuolo.

On the match:

“They have been good, but the disappointment of the draw remains because we are Inter and we always want to win, so we are sorry: it was also about them, they defended well and they came out well ball and chain. They are a good team and they have made a difference, we could have done better, we tried the goal and had chances but unfortunately we did not manage to make it.

“They managed to start off well and quickly, even with their power stations, as soon as they recovered the ball, they immediately came out and they did well, it was not easy for us, but we were happy at least not to have suffered a goal, they made us suffer, in fact, Handanovic was good and saved us in 2-3 situations.”

On Godin’s imminent arrival:

“It’s a good sign for the team from the company, that the strongest ones come in. I do not know if it’s already official, but if it arrives it would give us a big hand”.