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Corona virus now spreading through Serie A

A few things to know about Serie A, Italy and the corona virus situation

Via Inter.it

Last weekend for the first time in a very long time Serie A matches were postponed due to Circumstances which did not include fixture clashes, or bad weather.

The last time a Serie A fixture was postponed for other circumstances was due to the death of Fiorentina captain David Astori, other than that you would have to look back to natural disasters or war breaking out.

Last weekend we saw the delay was caused due to a severe outbreak of the coronavirus. In total 5 Serie A matches were postponed, and as it stands there is the possibility of future postponements.

It has now been announced that the Europa league fixture between Inter Milan and Ludogorets Will be played behind closed doors. Further this an announcement was made that Inter Milan’s following fixture against Juventus will suffer the same fate.

So what does this mean for football in Italy? The answer is simple it is not good. The revenue generated from such high-profile fixtures is a massive loss to both teams. Further this a sense of fear will be radiated throughout all supporters and spectators when approaching further matches.

Another question which will be raised is what impact will this have in the race for the title?
The postponement of the weekends fixture has put pressure on inter as they drifted 6 points behind Juventus, meaning that the importance of the clash between 1st and 3rd could not be any higher.

More recently it was announced that all Japanese league fixtures would be postponed until 14 March due to again the coronavirus. With the seriousness of this spreading pandemic the question begs to be asked what will happen to the rest of the leagues in the coming weeks?