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Conte’s choice of subs costs Inter 3 points

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A match where a win was for the taking, Conte decided to go into his shell after 80 minutes.

A tough game where Inter was behind the 8-ball for the first 45 minutes and 1-0 down. A few changes created, but a really poor team performance overall.

In the second half, Inter would transform into the beast we all hoped they would be. Scoring two splendid goals to go into the lead 2-1.

This was all before Conte would make some questionable substitutions to change the momentum of the game in Roma’s favour. The match ended 2-2 with Inter fans scratching their heads confused about what just happened.

Let’s dive a bit further into some of the key points of the match.

Hakimi Lamborghini – 

For a lot of the match, Spinazzola was keeping up with Hakimi. It was a great battle to watch, with both players tracking up and down the pitch showing fantastic speed and elegance.

Hakimi would win this battle as he beat his man to score an absolute screamer of a goal. From that point on, Spinazzola could not match the energy and stamina of Hakimi. This would see the Roman subbed for Peres, and Hakimi would make that right flank his own until he was switched to the left before being subbed off for Kolarov.

If Lukaku was the previous buy of the season, there is no doubt that Hakimi is now Inter’s new buy of the season. Adding the needed firepower to make Inter competitive will be fantastic over the next few years.

Conte, you’ve done it again – 

This is not the first time which Conte has cost Inter a win with his stupid substitutions.

The choice of bringing on Kolarov and Gagliardini for Hakimi and Vidal blows my mind. Hakimi could’ve played the full 90, and it would’ve been much smarter. With the momentum Inter had, it was time to put the nail in the coffin.

Stefano Sensi should’ve been brought onto the pitch. There is no doubt the style of play in this match would’ve suited him, instead of bringing in Gagliardini who looks like an elephant skating on ice. The third goal would’ve sealed a much needed win.

Time and time again, Inter fans blame Conte and today is another example where they are correct. Right now is not the time for #ConteOut but at the end of the season it will be if Inter continue to disappoint in the big games.

King Arturo –

There have been media outlets bagging Vidal’s performance today, but personally I thought he was one of the best on the pitch. As we know, it’s either rocks or diamonds with Arturo. There is no in-between.

Today, there was a match where Vidal fought hard in the midfield and made life difficult for Roma. If his finishing ability was a little better, then we would’ve grabbed a goal of his own.

So far in Vidal’s Inter career, Vidal would be scored a fail. However, we can only hope the Vidal we saw against Roma will be even more improved against Juventus and just bully them off the park.

Where to next?

Inter will travel to Florence where they will face Fiorentina in a must win for Inter. The fail of Conte bombing out of the Coppa Italia has to be Strike 3 for him. Management want silverware this season, and the Italian Cup is definitely one Inter can win.

Written by Matthew Pickham