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Conte, you are the weakest link, GOODBYE!

Via Inter YouTube

In a do or die clash for Inter, 3 points would be wasted with all Inter critics wondering “Where to next for Conte and Inter?”

A penalty, a red card and a whole lot of nothing is what would be seen on the pitch.

Let’s dive a bit further into the key takeaways from the match.

Conte is done – 

Time and time again, we see Inter on the backfoot in games. Down 1-0 or 2-0 before they start actually playing football and competing. With the squad Conte has at his disposal, all Inter supporters deserve better!

Today was a perfect example of Inter’s recent results and form. Slumping to another Champions League defeat, and overall only managing two points from four group stage matches. It just isn’t acceptable for a big club such as Inter with huge aspirations and dreams.

The tactics were wrong again today with Gagliardini, Vidal and Barella starting in the midfield. Three midfielders who rather play deep than any real attacking link to the strikers was always going to spell trouble.

All previous tactics went out the door with the red card to Vidal, but the response from Conte was even more disappointing. The first two subs at half-time were taking out a central defender for a wingback, then a striker for a winger. Just doesn’t make any sense.

In a game where Lukaku had already looked isolated, this caused even isolation for him causing Lukaku to drop deep to even touch the ball.  Inter’s best player was completely rubbed out of the game by his own coaches tactics.

Warrior sees RED – 

If being 1-0 down wasn’t enough, Arturo Vidal single-handedly costs Inter the match. Just after the 30th minute we would see Vidal completely lose his mind.

On first watch, it looked like Inter may had a great claim for a penalty. After a few replays and further investigation, Varane clearly got a toe on the ball to force it out of Vidal’s path.

Vidal would pick up a first yellow card for arguing with the referee about the decision made, then pick up a second yellow for further abuse. Stupidity is a complete understatement for Vidal’s reaction.

In an age where VAR can be used, the players should just leave it to VAR to intervene. There is no need to lose your mind and put your team out of the match.


There is only one positive, and a minimal one at that.

Stefano Sensi returning to the field is the only positive from this match. Looking back at the previous season, when Sensi was on the pitch this Inter team was playing beautiful football and could string passes together at will.

Sensi is the player Conte has been longing for, and finally someone who can bring cohesion and balance into the team.

In my opinion, Sensi is the key to turn Inter around and bring a run of great form which could revive Inter for the remainder of the season.

Where to next?

The Champions League dream looks to be finished for this season, but the Serie A title needs Inters full attention.

Inter will take on an inform Sassuolo this weekend, who in recent times have got the better of Inter on many occasions.

This is the final string for Conte, so an Inter win is the only acceptable result.


Written by Matthew Pickham