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Conte press conference – Udinese / Maintaining the momentum / Sanchez

Antonio Conte

Inter manager Antonio Conte sat down for his pre-match press conference full of confidence and optimism ahead of his sides week 3 fixture against Udinese.

On the International break & Calendar congestion

“It’s always slightly different preparing for a game after the international break because the players come back on different dates and with varying fitness levels. Even more Udinese are a strong and physical team and defend well because they have players with good running ability who can hit you on the break and who are good in the air too.

We’re preparing in the right way but this is a difficult period where we’ll have to play seven matches in 23 days is coming up, and we’ll discover what point we’re at. Therefore it will be a measure of our ambition but for now we are thinking about Udinese.”

On the fans & the players

“Yes, as a result there is enthusiasm throughout the environment because the lads are working in the right manner and there’s the feeling that something good and important is emerging. It’s pleasing that the fans have received me in this way and I always give everything when I begin to work for a new club because I fully immerse myself in the club and its history and try to pass this on to the players.”

On Inter’s project

“An important foundation is being built irrespective of results.  With today’s Inter, you can see that there’s a team and club with clear ideas. We’re trying to work to find a clearly defined tactical identity on a daily basis, when those who have played less up to this point come into the team, they’ll know exactly what they have to do. We are the team that has undergone the most change. It is inevitable that there will be a period of adjustment, but we want to turn the question marks around us into exclamation marks.”

On Alexis Sanchez & Romelu Lukaku:

“Sanchez is a strong player, he has shown in the past the quality that he possesses. We need to help him recapture the form that he lost at Manchester United.”

“Romelu has entered the world of Inter with great humility and has shown a real willingness. The rest of the group understood that immediately and have welcomed him in the best possible way. He has great qualities as a human and is a true team player. His fitness has improved. We hope he scores as many goals as possible for the team – he has always scored goals.”

On Valentino Lazaro

“Valentino had this injury, which meant I couldn’t use him in matches of a certain level this summer. But I’m happy that he played two matches for his national team – to get some minutes under his belt. He is a very important player for us. I am happy with the squad we have assembled. There are lots of players who have room to grow and develop. That is my task, to help them improve. They are proving themselves willing.”