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Clubs vs Town: first official meeting for the new stadium


Il Sole 24 Ore, the most popular Italian financial newspaper, has published a report about the possible outcome of the Milan Council Conferenza dei Servizi meeting happening today about the destiny of the Giuseppe Meazza. The Conferenza dei Servizi meeting will serve as coordination of all the parts involved to get rid of doubts and ambiguities and it will offer a first vote to check what is the council opinion about the project of the two clubs.

The Milan Council is formed by 48 members. Quoting the newspaper, at least 20 of them will vote against the plans of A.C. and Inter Milan to demolish the iconic San Siro. Other 7 members are leaning against it. 19 members have not made up their minds yet. And only 2 members will vote for a sure yes.

This meeting is not decisive. It will be the first of at least three meetings, needed to decide if the matter is of public interest and, in mid-October, after assessing the moods of the inhabitants of the Zona 7, the area of Milan where San Siro is situated, giving the definitive green or red light to the project.

From Palazzo Marino, headquarter of the Milan Council, the request is always to carry out a “cheaper” restyling of the current structures. The clubs’ position is against this option, as the length of the work will be of about 6 years, with the risk of not being able to present the structure in time for the Winter Olympic Games 2026 as requested by the council. For the clubs’ supporters, a restyling will mean follow the teams in their home games in smaller stadiums outside Milan.

If the council will express itself against the new stadium in place of the Meazza, A.C. and Inter have already collected the availability of a wide area in Sesto San Giovanni, town outside the Milan borders. The total project should raise investments for 1.2b Euro. An amount that Milan mayor Sala does not want to lose in favour of another town.