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Christian Eriksen has been living at Appiano Gentile

Via Soccer.ru

Christian Eriksen has shared with the public that he has been forced to live at Appiano Gentile during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Danish midfielder has shacked up at the training ground to avoid breaking the restrictions imposed by the Italian government.

Via Soccer.ru

After reaching the Nerazzurri in the January transfer window for a fee of 20 million, Eriksen still hadn’t found a house to live in by the lockdown date of March the 9th.

In an interview with The Sun he said: “I thought of talking to Romelu Lukaku and Ashley Young, but they already had families to look after, and 14 days on someone’s sofa is too long.

Instead, I ended up staying at the club’s training structure with a chef and five members of staff who chose to quarantine themselves in order to protect their families.”

Eriksen even revealed he was stopped by the police while out and had to explain to them what he was doing, where he was going, and why. He also admitted to having a tough time coping with the unexpected change of lifestyle, although he does understand there are people who have it far worse than him.

He also released his training schedule:”We do follow the training schedule sent by the club and their diet plans too, but you have to make do. I’ve been running around the parking lot basement and calculated I can run 35 metres, then have to take a turn and run 35 metres back.”

Inter’s 24 also said he hasn’t touched the ball in 7 weeks. The longest period of time without a ball in his life.

The player isn’t the first to reach Conte’s team from the premier league. Others include Viktor Moses, Ashley Young, and Romelu Lukaku. The last of which has been increasingly active on social media. He has even revealed that Lautaro Martinez and him are close not just on the field, but also live near enough that they can spot each other from the balcony.