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Chelsea say yes to Lukaku loan – Negotiations begin!

Inter Milan's striker Romelu Lukaku

Inter are close to pulling off the move of the market, as Chelsea agree with the idea of loaning Lukaku to Inter with no obligation to buy.

The only thing left is the amount which Inter will need to pay for Lukaku’s services. Right now, Inter have offered €5mil, where Chelsea are looking for a figure around €10mil. The buy option looks to be on the table, although we hear there is no obligation for Inter to retain Lukaku on the roster after the loan is up.

Lukaku is also willing to lower his wage so the deal can go through. As there would be no way that Inter would be able to afford the current salary which Lukaku receives at Chelsea.

We should note that if Inter sign both Lukaku and Dybala, we may see Sanchez and Dzeko both be sacrificed.

With Dybala getting closer and closer, are you excited to see Lukaku, Lautaro and Dybala up front?

If Inter can keep a majority of the squad from last season while adding reinforcements, then I’m very confident we can make up the point difference to Milan. The squad will from a 8/10 to a 9/10 which will definitely give us that edge.

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Source: Sky