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Cassano, Wanda and Inter’s dirty laundry washed live in TV

Image Via Вячеслав Евдокимов

Journalists have to write to pay the bills and sometimes you have to write about the same thing in different ways. And somehow writing about Inter comes easy, being this club a non stop roller coaster on and off field.

And here we are, Icardi again. Wanda Nara. Antonio Cassano.

Last night at Tiki Taka, an Italian football talk show, Wanda Nara and Antonio Cassano went head to head once again about the Argentinian striker.

Cassano bluntly accused Wanda of “scorching the earth around Icardi” with hers statements about the club and the squad. The former striker from Bari Vecchia defended Inter choice of stripping Icardi of the armband for reasons stating that “Spalletti, Ausilio, Marotta and Zhang are not crazy. There must be a reason we don’t know.”

Cassano compared Icardi situation with his situation at Roma where Spalletti stripped him of the vice-captain role because “I wasn’t setting an example. He was right. He explained things he needed from me, he did the right thing.”

He touched also the injury topic: “He’s close to a point of no return, he must play. I don’t believe his knee issue came back as they stripped him of the armband.”

Wanda replied that Inter allows her to be in TV as recurrent guess in this talk show every Sunday as punter, that she never expressed any negative opinion about Inter as they are a family. She also said the knee injury has been confirmed by Dr. Volpi, Inter doctor, the same doctor who’s going to recheck Icardi just before the match against Eintracht.

Replying to Riccardo Ferri, former Inter defender and owner of the Serie A own goal record, who brought up the Icardi and Perisic confrontations, Wanda denied this ever happened. And hopes to see her husband being fit to play the Derby in two weeks.

Will it be too late for Inter and for Icardi? With the third place momentarily lost, going forward in Europa League and winning against A.C. will be feeding some wood to the fire of our beloved team’s season.