Home Analysis CapiToro leads Inter to victory over Milan!

CapiToro leads Inter to victory over Milan!

Lautaro - Milan
Lautaro - Milan

Inter captain Lautaro Martinez had a phenomenal match, as he scored the winner to secure three important points in a 1-0 win over Milan.

Overall a impressive showing from Inter, even if their rivals were below par.

Let’s look further into the match itself.

Man of the Match – 

There is no one that even comes close to Lautaro in this match. He had the Midas touch, as everything he touched turned to gold today. The only critical part is we only scored one goal, but wow we created a lot of great chances.

Lautaro had his fair share of chances and probably should’ve had a few goals. There was a shot in the first few minutes where Tatarusanu made a world class save. A full handed parry took the ball over the crossbar and Lautaro was unlucky not to have his goal.

Another header flashed by the near post from Lautaro, and it seemed like it just wasn’t going to be his day.

Finally a pinpoint corner from Hakan met Lautaro, and even with a slight deflection it was enough to hit the back of the net. Inter now up 1-0, and our dominance reflected on the scoreboard.

A couple of opportunities in the second half, with the best chance coming right at the end. A superb flick on from Lukaku put Lautaro one on one with the keeper and Lautaro made no mistake. The ball getting past Tatarusanu, yet the linesman flagged for offside.

VAR would intervene to confirm the offside decision was the right call. A replay showing Lautaro was offside with the tiniest bit of his forehead and shoulder. Correct decision in the end.


Games and weeks go by, and yet I’m here again talking about referees. There were a couple of penalty shouts again, but VAR did not consult with the referee to check. Another goal scored but the whistle is blown again before the ball crosses the line.

The first being the Dzeko chance in the first half when there was a double handed shove on Dzeko from Gabbia. If there is anywhere else on the pitch, it’s a foul yet since it’s in the box it’s just “play on” which is annoying. Albeit a soft foul, it’s still a penalty for me.

In the second half, Lautaro went down in the box after taking a slight foot in the back of his leg yet VAR did not intervene again. Not even sure if this got a second look.

The final chance was Lukaku tussling with his man, then both go down and a foul is called. The annoying part is that Lukaku scores as he is falling down but since the whistle already blew, nothing can be reviewed.

Unfortunately we’ve been seeing these type of decisions not going Inter’s way in the last few months. Yet I watch other Serie A matches and exactly the same things happen in other games for it to be a different decision.

We just want to see consistency and right now the referees of Italy are not providing that.

Just very weak –

Usually I won’t talk about our opponents, but Milan need a complete overhaul. I won’t go into the formation change and the decision to bench Leao, however I will talk about the lack of strength of Milan in this derby.

From Serie A champions to a team completely struggling to string a few passes together. To be fair, this Inter side didn’t give Milan any room to breathe as our opposition ended the match with zero shots on target.

The city of Milan is black and blue once again. I will not put down our cross city rivals, but this today was definitely not at the standard we’ve come to expect in the past from a derby.

Where to next?

The team get time to now rest, as our next fixture isn’t for another week. We will travel to Genoa where we’ll face a team in Sampdoria battling relegation. Also a team who have lost their last 5 matches in all competitions.

We’ll see if this goes to 6 with Sampdoria’s next fixture away to Monza tomorrow.

As always, Forza Inter!

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