Cambiasso: “Inter Can Do Serious Things If They Can Find The Real Perisic.”


Inter legend Esteban Cambiasso has commented on Ivan Perisic’s continued poor run of form and explained why he thinks this is happening and what can happen if Inter can recover him.

“We continue to look for the real Perisic, but he is still not there. The World Cup affects the first six months of the season and therefore the preparation is not the same. Perisic did something miraculous with Croatia, but the Croatian players may have a physical and mental decline,” he said in an interview with Sky Sport.

“There’s a period like this but you expect the player(s) to come out of it. I think that Inter, with their quality, can do serious things if they can find the real Perisic.

“Spalletti sees him every day and knows what to expect and probably believes that it is better to continue always playing him because even when Perisic is not at his best he is always capable of giving something. He is not playing too badly but he is not repeating last season’s performances.”