Home Match Review Cagliari – Inter: Player Ratings

Cagliari – Inter: Player Ratings


Handanovic – 6.0 – Couple of good saves, could have arguably done better on the second.

D’Ambrosio – 4.0 – One of his worse showings. You can score as many goals at the far post as you like, it doesn’t make you a better defender.

Asamoah – 5.5 – Average Asamoah showing he is a temporary fix to a permanent problem we have.

De Vrij – 5.5 – Looked tired, lazy, and confused all match really.

Skriniar – 5.0 – In my opinion his worst showing in an Inter jersey and even could have sealed our fate earlier with a clumsy challenge in the box.

Vecino – 4.0 – Was he even on the pitch? Same Vecino, different game.

Brozovic – 5.5 – Started off slowly, and got slower as the game went on. Never looked in it. Subbed earlier than usual.

Nainggolan – 6.5 – Our best this evening, and the only spark in the middle and build up.

Perisic – 5.0 – Sluggish and unmotivated. Looked like the Perisic of 2018/19 we have come to dread watching.

Politano – 5.5 – Beat a few men well, but overall didn’t look focused this evening. Evident in the miss that simply has to be put away.

Martinez – 6.0 – Movement was ok, but was man marked out of the match and was constantly surrounded. A predictable tactical set up did not favour Lautaro, but i thought he was still a positive.

Candreva – 3.0 – Not his fault he is being subbed on. But it is his fault that he is poor. Nice free kick champ.

Valero – 5.0 – Actually looked ok and good on the ball when he came on. Then he ignored an open bottom corner in favour of sending in to Row Z from 9 yards out. Come on Borja!

Spalletti: 3.0 – Predictability at its finest, and a lack of motivation for his players. A horrible night and the boss is under pressure again.

Ranocchia: N/A – Even he must be thinking “What the hell am i supposed to do here.”

Man of the match: Raja Nainggolan