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Brozovic demands 30 mil wage from Al Nassr, puts deal in doubt

The Brozovic-to-Al Nassr track has cooled down as the Croatian footballer asks for a 2-year contract and a 10 million raise in salary.


The momentum for a Marcelo Brozovic move to Saudi Arabia has been heating to the point of everyone expecting a final deal to be announced today. However, this has cooled off due to a new wrinkle as Brozovic set a new condition to accept Al Nassr’s transfer.

The Croatian midfielder is now demanding a two-year salary of 30 million per season from the Saudi club in order for him to accept their offer. Prior to this demand, the footballer and his representatives had negotiated with Al Nassr a three-year deal with a salary of about 20 million per season.

There are several reasons for Brozovic’s hesitations. Above all, the interest of Barcelona weighs heavy on the situation. Right now the Catalan club has the player’s go-ahead but they have yet to make a formal offer to Inter. More time is needed and they will continue to work on it.

Meanwhile, both the transfer deal (approximately 22-23 million) between Inter and Al Nassr and the Nerazzurri pursuit of Sassuolo midfielder Davide Frattesi hang in the balance.