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BREAKING – Leonardo Spinazzola has landed in Milan

Inter Worldwide

Inter Worldwide

Leonardo Spinazzola has landed in Milan. The Roma player has arrived to undertake the medical exam prior to signing the contract. He has done so as part of the exchange deal with Politano, whom Roma needs to substitute the injured Zaniolo.

The current Inter player has also landed in Rome for the medicals. There, he will be back after featuring in Roma’s youth team but never making it to the big boys club.

Leonardo Spinazzola is the kind of player Antonio Conte has been pushing for and could exclude the arrival of Ashley Young. He has featured mostly on the right flank for Roma and might do the same for Inter, overtaking Lazaro’s spot.

Politano, on the other hand, has not been finding enough space for Inter. Mostly because he is simply unfit for Antonio Conte’s module. He has still played a fair share of minutes usually as a substitute for Lukaku or Lautaro. Now that Sanchez is back he has even fewer chances of playing. He will have a better chance of being featured regularly at Roma.

Leonardo Spinazzola has landed in Milan. By the end of the day, we can expect an official statement for a new Inter player and a new Roma player.

Would you have made this swap, or would you have kept Politano?