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Bologna – Inter to be postponed?


Postponed? Maybe. Inter’s first game of the new year might be delayed due to Covid-19. Here’s the situation:

Eight of Bologna’s players have tested positive in the past days. Close to the kick-off, Serie A is yet to make an official statement on the situation.

In the past, Napoli’s ASL (Local Health Agency), has blocked both Napoli and Salernitana from playing their fixtures. Bologna’s ASL might do the same due to the recent Covid-19 cases.

If this happens, and Serie A fails to postpone the game, Inter will be awarded a 3-0 forfeit win.

At the moment 3 Inter Players have tested positive but this shouldn’t prevent the Nerazzurri from being present. After an amazing 2021, would you prefer to start with a forfeit win or a fun fixture?