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Bergwijn Agent: “Inter a serious candidate for Bergwijn’s future.”

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Steven Bergwijn is a new star who has been introduced to European football this season and one who will definitely be a protagonist in the upcoming transfer window. FcInternews.it, interviewed his agent:

What kind of person is Steven out of the field? 

“He comes from a very close family. He is a sociable and very simple boy. He has received great education thanks to the teachings of his parents and I can say this without any problems. I have known him since he was 7 years old.”

This year is playing very well. Did you expect such sudden growth?

“Steven has always been a huge talent. He is a young player and has been with this enormous talent since he was 7 years old, but he still loves football like when he was a child. He always trains hard and this is proved by what the coach says. He is a reliable player for the coach and this is why he has matured so well. I am not surprised at all.”

Let’s talk about a star ready to shine more and more. Is it true that all the major clubs in Europe are interested in him? 

“The top clubs have been following him since he was young but he is focused on the results of PSV, and the national team, the Netherlands. He is not thinking about other teams. He wants to win the league and play well for his country.”

How much do you think he is worth? And how much do PSV want to sell him for?

“There is not a fixed amount. We can only say that we need a fair price for such a gifted player in today’s transfer market.”

What do you think of Inter? And can Inter be a good option for Steven?

“It is a top club which is rich in history. They have great fans and is a city in a beautiful nation. Any club that admires Steven can give him the right basis for his next step. And Inter certainly are.”

Here in Italy we know that Inter wants Bergwijn. Did you talk to someone at the club? 

“Yes, with Piero Ausillio.”

But is it true that he dreams of the Premier League but would he be happy to play in Serie A too?

“The next step is always the most important one. The clubs that admire him and will give him the right emphasis for his development will be able to help Steven in his choice.”

Is there a championship that you think is best for your client?

“I have no priority, it all depends on Steven.”

Source: fcinternews.it