Home Analysis Match Review: Benevento Vs Inter – Hakimi is Unstoppable!

Match Review: Benevento Vs Inter – Hakimi is Unstoppable!


The recovery of Match-day 1 of Serie A for the Nerazzurri has just ended, the team coached by Antonio Conte, back from the comeback against Fiorentina last Saturday, have imposed themselves on the newly promoted Benevento with a astonishing 5-2.

The result reflects the match we witnessed, with the Nerazzurri who score immediately on the counter thanks to the exchange between Sanchez and Hakimi, finalized in goal by Lukaku. The Belgian scored a brace tonight, the first of this new season, sending a signal to everyone that this year it will not be easy to overtake him in the top scorers’ ranking.

A very good Gagliardini tonight with a goal, Lautaro (who took over from Sanchez in the second half) and the new acquisition Achraf Hackimi, in my opinion the MVPs of this match.

The running and the technique of the former right wing of Borussia Dortmund allowed the guests to rip through the defense of Benevento and to create many opportunities coming from the right side. The excellent performance in the offensive phase of Inter must not let the mediocrity of the defense be overlooked. Inter suffered with mistakes that must be absolutely resolved by next match that will see the Nerazzurri oppose Lazio at the Olympic Stadium in Rome next Sunday.