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Bastoni: “Thanks to the coach I’ve improved a lot!”

Bastoni Inter
Bastoni Inter

After scoring a long range screamer and providing the match-winning assist, Bastoni was interviewed by DAZN to talk about the match further.

“I wanted to hit it first time but luckily Marcelo Brozovic told me I was in space, so I took my time to control it and set myself better for the strike.

“Scoring again feels strange as I hadn’t done so for two seasons but overall I’m happier that we got the win, that’s what matters. I’d been told that until the last matchday I hadn’t got involved in our attacks from corners, which is why I positioned myself on the edge of the box.

“We played well, and it wasn’t easy after what happened with the Bologna game and coming into this one off a long break. It was a tough game because Lazio were the only team to beat us in the first half of the season. We wanted to do justice to this shirt.

“Winning feels great; we’ve got a great mentality, we have fun on the pitch and we want to keep this up. I was finding it hard at the start but thanks to the coach I’ve improved a lot.

“We’ve fine-tuned our tactics and the team has improved in every situation we find ourselves in; we’re able to carry out exactly what’s asked of us. We need to keep on at this.”