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Bastoni: “Not even a 0.1% chance I would play for Milan”

Bastoni Inter
Bastoni Inter

Bastoni was interviewed by DAZN on the eve of the Milan Derby where he spoke about his love for Inter and the upcoming match.

Who did you watch your first derby with?

“Fortunately, I watched the games with my dad who is an Interista and therefore there were no great disagreements. One of my brothers is a Romanista, deeply in love with Totti. He has never been a ‘rival’.

The other hates football, so much it’s true that he only came once to see me play, when I was at Atalanta. He’s never set foot at San Siro.”

Is there any ritual for the derby?

“I am lucky enough to live every game with peace of mind, I always try to concentrate and think about what I have to do on the pitch. I think this is my strength.

I’m not upset, I know how to manage emotions well. I have no rituals, other than that. to kiss the shin guards where there are the images of my partner and my brothers.

My tattoo artist, an avid AC Milan fan, has been saying to me for a month ‘congratulations for the victory in the derby’. The first one I played is that of the 3- 0, then I have experienced some on the bench and it has always gone well.

We hope to repeat this Saturday with some more fans at the stadium.”

Above: Bastoni celebrating his superb goal against Lazio last month.

Calhanoglu’s goal in the first fixture?

“I remember the whistles, they almost bothered me in my head as there was an incredible amount of chaos.

You could feel the tension because it was an important penalty that allowed us to break the deadlock. Let’s hope we can repeat it.”

How hard is it block out the San Siro audience?

“There was the fear of only having 5000 people, who are spread out at San Siro and therefore means not having a full crowd. With 50% it is a good advantage, we hope to make the most of it.

Once I was in the second ring to see Inter-Roma, unfortunately we lost. Having a stadium would be an advantage and a signal because you would tell your opponents that it is not easy to come to Inter. San Siro is an incredible icon.”

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