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What happened to Keita?

Gazzetta dello Sport tried to answer to this question. When Perisic asked to leave, Keita had his chance to impress. And did impress. When Icardi...

Terzini cercasi

Lorenzo is here to guide you through the past, present and future of the Inter fullback. Enjoy and let us know some of your fondest backline memories.

Civil war for the Meazza Stadium

Highbury went down. It, unfortunately, became a block of units, and Arsenal Stadium was built few meters away. Wembley too. Could this process repeat...

UEFA List Dilemma

If you played Football Manager, you probably noticed this: Inter will struggle to put on 25 players in its UEFA list. Why? Becuase the...

The exile is over

About 25 minutes ago, Sportmediaset.it reported that Mauro Icardi has terminated his cycle of physiotherapy on the injured knee and has decided to return...

The last chapter of the Icardi affair?

It seems the storm has passed. Seems. As speculations continue to emerge on the pages of websites and newspapers around the world, here we...

Cassano, Wanda and Inter’s dirty laundry washed live in TV

Journalists have to write to pay the bills and sometimes you have to write about the same thing in different ways. And somehow writing...

Pacts and paths – Surviving without Icardi

It took a while but our dressing room realized what us fans are fearing: Mauro is faking his injury. And if he isn't, it...

‘Referee has a rubbish bin where his heart should be’

Fiorentina - Inter was an eventful match where two teams fought to gain a positive result. And both did.

La Repubblica – Marotta ready to cut Icardi release clause

With the negative media limelight destroying all ego's in the process, Inter may have to cut the release clause for Icardi.

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