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Ausilio: We won’t Sell Lautaro and We won’t buy Vidal

Image via Inter.it

Inter’s Sporting Director Piero Ausilio spoke about Lautaro’s future to Sky Sport. The young talent has been at the center of the Blaugrana’s attention to find someone to pair with Lionel Messi.

This is what he had to say: “The only road that leads Martinez away from Inter passes through the payment in full of his release clause. It is a tough clause that lasts only for the first days of July and it is the only way Lautaro leaves Inter. A lot of clubs have contacted us to discuss Lautaro. Of these the most insistent is Barcelona, with whom we have an amicable relationship. Yet they perfectly know where we stand. Inter has no intention of selling Lautaro Martinez. We do not have any urgency of selling him.

Image via Inter.it

What does he think? I do not know, we have not talked about it with him. It could be that someone has approached the player’s entourage, but we haven’t. It is not an argument we are ready to discuss. I’ve been clear and I’ll say it again; whoever wants him has to pay the release clause.”

Speaking of transfers and Barcelona, the S.D. Ausilio also spoke about Arturo Vidal. He was speedy to say that Arturo Vidal is not a transfer target for this summer, although it is not definitive. He simply stated it is not an available opportunity.

Ausilio has clearly sent out a message to all the clubs including Barcelona that there is only one expensive way to reach the Argentinian talent.