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Are Inter better off without Icardi?

Statistics and analysis about Inter's performance with and without Icardi.


There are feelings, those that lead you to say hastily that an Inter without Mauro Icardi loses in danger and sense of goal. Because, in short, 122 goals in the Nerazzurri certainly do not go in cavalry. Then, however, there are other figures that make us think Inter are better off without Icardi. Numbers arid, but very clean, that only the technicians and those who attend the secret rooms (locker rooms) will be able to “explain” in depth.


The matches played by Inter are five in season without his (ex) captain. And by chance, Spalletti’s team won them all. But the thing that is surprising is the number of  goals: 13.

Of course, we will object that the matches with Bologna, Cagliari, Genoa, Rapid Vienna and Sampdoria are not really big matches. If you want, you can add to the list also the 3-0 to Frosinone, in which Mauro has participated only in the last 13 ‘, to result in safe. As for the other five games left, stands out the average goal that breaks through the 2.5 per game, with four games with at least two markings.


An impressive figure, compared to the rest of the Nerazzurri’s season.

In fact, with Icardi on the pitch, Inter scored more than two goals in just two occasions out of 28 (Lazio-Inter and Inter-Benevento of Coppa Italia).

Clearly the problems of Spalletti are in the offensive phase, says the statistics, in a clear and round. In fact, Inter have the second best defense of Serie A, but only the eighth attack (on par with Sassuolo). Will it be Maurito’s fault? Of course not. But if the numbers grow without him, explanations are needed


Although Inter has only played 18 matches (excluding yesterday’s fixture Vs Sampdoria), numbers are still significant enough to say that Inter seems to be playing more like a team when their ex-captain is not on the field.

A one dimensional striker that doesn’t move much and expects perfect passes to score (very personal opinion), but also someone who, for Inter’s management, is not a leader and lacking the experience to be one.

Can we consider, starting from this point, that Lautaro Martinez is a treat to Icardi’s future at Inter..?