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Antonio Conte: “We will have to go above our potential”

Antonio Conte
Via Inter YouTube

Antonio Conte took center stage and spoke with the journalists ahead of the Atalanta match which will also be the final match of the first half of the Serie A season.

Conte praised Gasperini’s side:

“Atalanta is a strong team which is in the best shape in the league. They’re doing very well and they’ve been growing for years under their coach.”

Conte further elaborated the great difficulty ahead:

“we will have to go above our potential. We are working hard towards this match and will need to put in a great performance.”

The team also received praise from their coach who said:

“We are happy with how we are doing. We are working hard to put up a high level of intensity and pressure throughout the match. We are going in all areas, the stronger you are on the pitch, the stronger you are off of it too.”

Both teams are coming off of a strong performance from previous match day.

Inter, however, will be without their star defender, Skriniar and talented midfielder, Barella due to suspension. But the team will be determined to keep their top place in the league.