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Anonymous internal source from Inter comments on Icardi situation


Today, Repubblica released an article explaining what is happening behind the scenes through an unknown internal source who works for Inter.

According to this source, Inter’s locker room is divided into three clans: Italian, South American and Slavs. Icardi‘s relationship is good with everyone except with Brozovic, Perisic and Handanovic. However, the same cannot be said for Spalletti 

The internal source said that Icardi was annoyed with how Spalletti was criticizing his team mates and asked him to moderate his tone. However, his reaction was very “violent”.

The bad relationship between Icardi and Inter is not only due to the decision to remove his arm band but it goes way back to last summer when they had the intention to sell him to Juventus, in an exchange with Higuain plus money. This was not appreciated by Icardi as he did not want to join Inter’s bitter rivals.

The situation became worse when Perisic expressed his desire to be sold last January and he gave an ultimatum to the club “Either me or Icardi”.

After the arm band was taken off Icardi, he asked for an explanation as he was told that Spalletti was the one who did not want him to be the team’s captain anymore. However, this was denied by Spalletti when he said that he and the team never asked the management to remove Icardi from captain.

The question remains, who wanted Icardi to lose the arm band? To this day, there is no answer but on the other hand, the admiration to Dybala is an objective for Piero Ausillio. If it were up to him, the exchange between the two players would be the ideal solution to solving this problem.

Source: Repubblica