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An unimpressive Inter concedes late equaliser!

Inter - Monza
Inter - Monza

A 93rd minute Denzel Dumfries own goal was enough to hand Inter their first draw of the season, with the score finishing 2-2 in Monza.

After the spectacular showing only three days earlier against Napoli, it was hard to believe the side who played Monza was the same Inter team. The only difference was Lautaro back in the starting side for Lukaku.

The effort was very minimal, and Inter looked very lethargic from the opening whistle. Strange, as the majority of these players weren’t even involved in the World Cup so they should be pretty fresh and rested. Just didn’t make sense to me at all and I’m sure a lot of the Interisti out there would agree.

Words can’t describe how disappointing this side is with a draw against Monza. We fought so far to be back in the title race after beating Atalanta and Napoli, then throw all that good work away in 90 minutes.

We could sit here and blame the referee as he was terrible, though Inter just weren’t up for this match. Mentality they were checked out and looked disinterested. A worrying sign for the remainder of the season.

It’s typical of how this sides mentality is, and as a fan we have to ride the highs and lows. Usually the rollercoaster ride is throughout a season but unfortunately for us it’s every three to four days!

Negative impact – 

The role of a substitute is to be injected into the game and keep momentum going for your team. Especially when the score is 2-1 in your favour. The last thing a substitute should do is negatively impact the team and cause problems for you.

The likes of Gagliardini, Lukaku and Dumfries were all abysmal and provided nothing positive.

I can’t put any blame here on Inzaghi, as the quality of these Inter players should far outmatch anything Monza has to offer.

Lukaku’s touch today was that of a 6 year old child. I don’t want to be too harsh but Lukaku had 15 involvements with the ball and lost possession on 10 of them. The most crucial one coming in the 92nd minute when he lost the ball and Monza went up the other end and scored.

I won’t put the blame on Lukaku here for the goal, as Mkhitaryan thought he was prime Ronaldinho in the midfield instead of taking a simple touch and disposing the ball.

To the next sub in Gagliardini – I don’t know how he plays for such a prestigious club like Inter. Surely there are Primavera youngsters who we can count on more than Gagliardini. It’s a disgrace that this guy is still in an Inter shirt as I cringe every time he makes his way onto the pitch.

Finally to the next name and one of the most frustrating of all – Denzel Dumfries. He doesn’t have confidence to take on his man when he has the ball and even if he does the cross he produces can’t beat the first man.

Today he conceded the own goal, and as I said before I can’t put all the blame on him because of Mkhitaryan’s antics. Dumfries contested the ball and unluckily it was placed perfectly to beat Onana.

Where to next? 

It’s results like this which makes it so painful to support Inter. However, tomorrow is a new day and we soon have a new opponent. The hardest thing is accepting these results when we know how good Inter can be.

Anyway, we move forward and await our next opponents. We change competitions, as the Coppa Italia is on it’s way. Our next opponent is Parma.

I expect a retaliation from these players after what felt like a loss against Monza. We may be without Barella and Hakan who limped off injured in the game today.

Prediction: Inter 4-0

As always, Forza Inter!

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