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Acerbi now permanent, talks continue for Bellanova

While the redemption right for Francesco Acerbi gets exercised, albeit without a discount, Inter continues to speak with Cagliari to retain Bellanova.


Francesco Acerbi is officially a member of the Internazionale club. Now the Nerazzurri continue to work on keeping Raoul Bellanova.

Acerbi (from Lazio) and Bellanova (from Cagliari) are the two players with redemption rights currently at stake for Inter. Everything is done for the veteran central defender, according to the latest updates from Gazzetta dello Sport. Meanwhile, discussions are ongoing between Inter and the Sardinian club for the young fullback as there remains the possibility that Inter will ask for a new loan.

The move to make Acerbi permanent was strengthened by the player’s desire to stay in Milan and his now worn-out relationship with the Lazio world. This comes at a cost to Inter as there will be no discount for exercising that right of redemption, according to the Italian newspaper. The cost of that deal is 4 million.