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Abodi on Curva – “Immediate action will be taken”


Minister of Sport, Andrea Abodi spoke of punishment against Inter’s Curva Nord as their actions were “unacceptable” during Sampdoria match.

Abodi’s comments below.

“I have been entrusted with this great responsibility for a week, so I hope you understand the meaning of my answer. I informed myself, what happened is unacceptable! It’s not tolerable. I’m sure immediate action will be taken. Not just words!.”

Inter’s Ultras left just after the whistle to start the last 45 minutes, as word spread that Vittoria Boiocchi, Curva Nord Leader, was shot dead outside of his home. In a sign of respect the Curva Nord decided to leave the stadium.

The problem comes after complaints that the Ultras also forced regular supporters to leave the stadium too. The most worrying part was security guards stood by and did nothing while fans were forced out. Apparently in some cases there were children being man-handled which I agree is totally unacceptable.

It’s hard not to see Andrea Abodi fining and most likely banning supporters from games. This is not the first time there has been controversy regarding the Curva Nord, nor do I think it will be the last.

From a fan aspect, the Curva Nord are sensational for the atmosphere. Their endless singing and chanting help the team in so many ways on the pitch. Especially when a goal is scored, it’s an incredible scene.

But, if there is violence involved then this definitely needs to be stamped out. It’s not acceptable, especially when young children are involved.

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