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A Man Reborn!

A Man Reborn!

Arturo Vidal has been back to his best so far this season. Some impressive performances from Vidal showing his worth in this Inter side.

Under Antonio Conte, Vidal had moments of brilliance but also moments of stupidity. The main example was the Champions League match against Real Madrid last year. A minute of madness led to Vidal being sent off and really costing Inter any opportunity to win.

Under Inzaghi, he has been used perfectly and is really starting to look like his former self while at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. The confidence can be seen and he genuinely looks happy playing football again.

The Chilean superstar is looking to gain a start against FC Sheriff in the Champions League midweek fixture. I think the balance he brings to the midfield is perfect. Also having Vidal in the midfield allows both Brozovic and Barella to play more freely.

Vidal is very smart on the pitch and great at creating space for both himself and his team mates. As we’ve seen so far this season, he is a real warrior in getting the ball back too which allows Inter to freely transition into a counter-attack.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Vidal. I believe he will be very important to Inter’s success this year. King Arturo is back to sit on his thrown! He’s to hoping he can continue this great run of form.

As always, Forza Inter!