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A depressing Milan night to forget | Defence in shambles | Lamborghini Hakimi

A depressing Milan night to forget…
The same occurrences repeating themselves from the previous games of the 2020/21 season.
The 3-man defence in shambles –
Defensively Kolarov just does not work in that position. No speed and sense of where his attacking man is, which really puts our team under so much pressure.
On several occasions, we saw De Vrij even looking lost and this could come down to the lack of confidence he has in both D’ambrosio and Kolarov. Embarrassing that a 39-year-old striker can get the best of a team with scudetto winning intensions.

It really raises the question “Why didn’t we fight to keep Godin for one more season?!”

Wasted Opportunities –

Again, Inter created some fantastic chances to break the game wide open. However we just did have our scoring boots on tonight with Barella wasting a golden opportunity mid in the first half, and Lukaku missing what he would consider some really simple shots.

Referees, referees and referees –
We just didn’t have any major decision go Inter’s way and this was identical to the Lazio game only a couple of weeks ago.

Kjaer should’ve seen a second yellow in the first half with his terrible man-marking of Lautaro. Then in the second half, Kessie should’ve been sent for an early shower after dangerous contact on Hakimi.

The reason it was terrible refereeing was that both these blatant and obvious challenges were not even called a foul.

The penalty should’ve stood with the last touch coming off Kjaer. Even though Lukaku was offside for the initial Eriksen pass, Kjaer played him onside by deliberately attempting to control the ball.

Lamborghini Hakimi –

Is Hakimi the best signing in the past 5 years? The way he has started, I would definitely put Hakimi up there.

The pace and vision shown by this young man has been nothing but exceptional. He is making that right wing his own and looking like he has been wearing that inter shirt for years. Yes, he missed a simple header which could’ve brought us back to 2-2, but overall he was still impressive.

Where to next?
Well, we move onto a Champions League game this week where we can bounce back in style.

Hopefully we welcome back Bastoni who will definitely back into this game. We need to bring stability back into our defence and with this consistency, Inter will start winning games.

Written by Matthew Pickham