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2018/19 Season Review


Another year, another crazy season from our Pazza Inter. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t exactly one year, it was more like 9 months, pretty much like a school year. So let’s try to give to the Ragazzi a fair mark taking into consideration the good and the bad they gave us.


  • Champions League 

This has to be the main silver lining of our season. It was our bare minimum objective and we made it. This result has so many implications, it will help us financially, it already gave us a new coach and a big advantage on the market, since it’s always helpful having this international competition to offer to the prospect players. On top of that, it means that Milan, Roma and Lazio don’t have access to all this, and especially for our cousins, this is a massive blow!


  • End Financial Fair Play

Suning started driving a car (Inter) while it was still doing a pit stop. In these couple of years we had to change some pieces, re-fuel and then get back on track going through that painfully slow part of the road where you cannot drive over the speed limits. We finally are driving past that and we can go back driving full speed. It will maybe take a little bit of time to get adjusted and get the right inertia, but we can finally hit the pedal to the metal!

  • Defense

Unfortunately, I have very few positive notes about our players or our way to play games in general. But all those notes are about players in the defense. Handanovic made a couple of bad mistakes in the whole season but he also saved our butts in hundreds of occasions! Skriniar and De Vrij are becoming one of the best defensive duo in the World, and even if I’m not his best supporter (and believe me, I’m not) Danilo D’ambrosio played an incredible second part of the season and I’m pretty sure he will be a perfect fit for Conte’s Inter. I don’t know how but I can see him giving 1000%, heart & soul to his new Coach.



  • Inter Worldwide & Inter Clubs

Last but not least, I want to thank the team of Inter Worldwide and all the incredible interisti that I met, even if just virtually, all around the World. The passion for these colors and this team really doesn’t care about boundaries, races, wars or conflicts of any kind. 99% of the supporters I met in every Inter club were just amazing, kind and positive, happy to help and to be part, even if just in a small part, of this club. I am so grateful for all this and I really hope we can grow even more as a project. Thank you.



  • Spalletti

Ok, he took us back in the CL for two consecutive years. But He was able to do so just in the last 10′ of the season. Both time. He never really gave an identity to the team. Our tactic was the same from game one and never really changed, even after we gave him the players he specifically asked. Not only he created an awful mess with one of our players, but he also managed the situation in the worst way possible. He failed all the goals of the season but one. Every press conference was the show of a crazy person, speaking in riddles. He is leaving a team with massive problems and half of the players are still a big question mark for the next season. I’m sorry but I can’t put Spalletti on the positive side and honestly, I can’t even thank him for what he did.

Image via InterTV



  • Icardi Soap Opera

In the beginning, last summer, it was the contract extension. Than TikiTaka created Wanda Nara. And the Gazzetta said “Let there be chaos” and there was chaos. And what a shitshow. Not only TikiTaka, the whole Icardi situation. I really hope, now that Spalletti is gone and Icardi is probably leaving as well, that somebody will come out with all the truth and will tell us what exactly happened! In any case, Shame to Icardi, Shame to Wanda, Shame to Spalletti, Shame to Marotta, Shame to Zanetti, Shame to the ownership! Other big teams have scandals, the Big Teams deal with them in a different way.

  • Curva Nord

They basically put themselves above all the other millions of Inter Supporters just because they can go to the stadium way more often than anyone else. Like that means something!!! This thing alone makes me furious!!!! On top of that, they are racist and this is bad for the image of the team and also for its pockets, since Inter has to pay fine after fine for some idiot that still doesn’t understand the meaning of INTERNAZIONALE, if not the basic concept of NOT BEING RACIST! Plus, they start to release official notes right before important matches just to shake a situation that is already dynamite as it is! I honestly hope that the Club will take serious arrangements in their regards.  Better a Curva empty than filled with idiots!

  • Team Icardi/Icardiani vs Spallettiani

I understand that every supporter has a point of view about this conflict, somebody goes with the Bomber, others with the Coach, others with the Croatians, fine. At first, it’s also funny, a lot of memes online, people goes crazy, fine. But shit gets old pretty fast. at 4 weeks from the end of the season, at 2 games from the end, at 20 minutes from the final whistle, I can believe there are still people arguing and bringing up the Team Icardi or Perisic or this kind of stuff. The main protagonist of this whole mess preferred to shut up, hang tight, put the conflicts aside and try to go back to the CL all together. Not happy, but together.  So if you, “generic Inter Supporter” after Empoli scored the 1-1 goal, are happy so you can bring up your Team Icardi Theory and feel smarter or at least on the right side of history, I’m sorry for my language but you are a fucking idiot and don’t understand the meaning of being an Inter Supporter! No matter the players, no matter the coach, no matter what! C’e’ solo l’Inter, Fuck this Team Icardi Bullshit!


All things considering, my final mark is a D, or 5 1/2 if you prefer. This season it was basically a waste of time for everybody, players and fans! I don’t think we will talk to our grandchild one day about this season, any specific player, game, coach or transfer. We will probably remember some incredibly wrong V.A.R. decision, the bomber with an imaginary knee problem or the save that hit the bar just few minutes from the end of the season and gave us another year A Riveder Le Stelle….